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GBA Freelancer Expo

Greater Bay Area Freelancer Expo

  • In the two years since the epidemic, many people worked from home, experienced, understood and began to pursue the freelance life model. The number of freelancers has continued to expand, which has become a major trend. With the development and application of technology and the improvement of work efficiency, people can flexibly arrange time and place independently, thereby improving the quality of life.

  • Freelancers of the world seize this opportunity to hold the World Freelancer Expo at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong from Dec 01st to Dec 3nd, 2022, with the theme of "Abundant Life, Connecting the World" and the Metaverse.
  • Purpose of the exhibition
    It is to provide one-stop service with freelancers and related industries, aiming at the 70 million people in the Greater Bay Area, the market and Hong Kong, and international advanced enterprises to efficiently connect, through lectures and exhibitions, provide industry-related information, latest trends and Various services, latest industry AI, IOT, 5G, biotech/finance, healthcare/tourism, education and freelance related products, services, information.

  • Activity
    The exhibition has the latest technological products, lectures and related services that can be provided to freelancers. In addition, government departments and major chambers of commerce provide different information and related industry contacts, conduct effective exchanges, visits and cooperation discussions, and assist in finding scientific research, Production and sales channels, to achieve mutually beneficial cooperation and development of complementary lengths, and to optimize and improve the advantages of the Greater Bay Area, Hong Kong and Macao and develop space, all of the above can be effectively realized in the exhibition hall, providing one-stop (hall) service .

    The significance of this exhibition is to create a friendly platform, combine resources, and complement each other's advantages. Under the advantages of one country, two systems, it will promote the construction of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (9+2), and build an international leading bay area center. The economic engine of biochemical and other fields! Provide positive energy, services and resources to freelancers, let them unite and grow in a positive energy environment, provide conditions for happiness for individuals and families, cultivate a new generation with positive energy for the society, and contribute to the social economy, global village and contribute to the well-being of the human community.

Five themed exhibitions
There are also five themed exhibitions on site, including: International Artificial Intelligence Exhibition, Global Biotechnology Exhibition, Medical Tourism Exhibition, School Exhibition and Technology and Health Industry Exhibition. During the same period, there were several professional forums, competitions and awards for excellence. At that time, Hong Kong and domestic media will make a special trip to report, and the conference will invite many buyers and enterprises to attend the event. In addition to helping to promote their own brands, exhibitors can also find the latest business opportunities and partners.

Exhibitor Category
•Suppliers and Support Services
Banking, insurance, corporate finance, telecommunication services, shared offices, shared platforms, cross-border platforms, agents, manufacturers, universities and research institutes.

• Professional consultancy and education services
Digital, Telecommunications, Technology, Online Shopping Consultants, Business Consultants, Accountants, Lawyers, Professional Trainers, Sports Coaches, Health Consultants.

• Creative freelance workers
Metaverse Workers, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Web Designers, Software Designers, Communications/Web Engineers, Social Media Promotion KOLs, Market Makers, Slashers, Mind and Body Workers.

• Government agencies and various industry chambers of commerce
International freelance associations and organizations, Greater Bay Area freelance associations, various industry chambers of commerce and government agencies.

Exhibition activities 
1) Exhibits / Services on display
2) Special Lectures
3) Industry Awards
4) Media reports
5) Industry conferences
6) One-on-one meeting

Price List of Exhibition area
Raw Space  (at least 36 square meters) Price:
HKD34,920 / USD4,480 (per 9 sqm)

Standard Booth (at least 9 square meters) Price:
HKD 38,800 / USD 4,980 (per 9 sqm)

Enquiry: Mr. Chan (+852-9021-0327)

Government funding

Exhibiting companies can apply for the government's "SME Marketing Fund" to get back 50% of the total approved expenses, with a maximum subsidy of 100,000 yuan

Subsidized expenses include:

  1. Exhibition booth rental fee; or rental fee, including display cabinets, tabletop booths, mannequins/clothing hangers, etc.
  2. Booth construction, decoration and design costs, booth components and exhibits transportation costs
  3. Rental fee for booth decoration
  4. Registration fee for exhibitors as guest speakers
  5. Fees for advertisements and printing of promotional materials/leaflets
  6. Advertising expenses, including hanging banners, posters, promotional stickers and electronic information screens
  7. Use mobile advertising mascots

Inquiries and Contacts:
Service Director, Government and Social Resource Support Development, WFA

Mr. Deng Zheping Mr. Jake Tang
Tel: +852-9175-9872
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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