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About us
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People who support the Freelancer style trend and want to have more own space to live, to work, to be Yourself !!


Use technology to enhance productivity, and hence uplift living standard and ready for future (Metaverse),
Help Traditional Business Eco System to migrate to the New World Global Eco System,
Promote, Cooperation, Synergy and Contribute to the local Government Economic Policy

Enrichment , Be Connected !

What WFA does

  • Provide Industry Connect and Networking Events
  • Have Elite Business Leaders to share insights re Industry and Market trends,
  • Organize workshops, seminars / webinars and company visits for various Industry participants
  • Develop business matching and collaborations both domestic and international
  • Have international network for global coverage
  • Participate in community and charity events, Co-operated with Education Institutions to offer classes to uplift the various knowledge and skillsets of members
  • Provide full range of services to members through our Professional Members
  • Connect with HK Government, GBA officials and various Consulate Generals

WFA Organization

  • Industry group : Professional team gathers upstream and downstream companies to provide One-Stop services (education, health, IT, finance, digital wealth and other industries)

  • Enterprise Service Center : Provide one-stop comprehensive services for enterprises (company registration, accounting, legal consultation, financing and listing, etc.)

  • Uplift Center: Work with professional teams to provide advancement courses

  • Entrepreneur Center: Match with those who are interested to start business to provide market, technology, financial, network and other support. Combine resources, and make the company bigger and stronger!