Guest introduction:

Mr. Chan Chi Chung is the chairman of Hang Lung Group and Hang Lung Properties; both are listed in Hong Kong. Develop, hold and manage world-class large-scale commercial cluster projects in multiple key first-tier and second-tier cities. He has held important social positions in many countries. Not only to be frequently invited to speak at international conferences but also published articles in Chinese and English magazines and newspapers, including "Financial Times", "International Herald Tribune", "Newsweek", etc.


Mr. Chan Chi Chung has always been concerned about political and economic affairs. He is one of the few well-known political and economic businessmen in Hong Kong and even the world. From the future of Hong Kong and China to the China-US relations, he is very concerned and actively promoted. He has invested in different industries, and his family has donated to Harvard University. It is reported that their donation amount is ranked first in Harvard. We are very honored that he can share his views and analysis on different events.