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1 year membership

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1 year BASIC membership fee | 200.00 HKD

Peter So

Peter So

Co-Founding Chairman

CEO, Paravers Technology Ltd.

  1. Years of experience in digital media and IT technologies,  ex COO of R & D subsidiary of Foxconn,
  2. Tech team has much experience in large projects (platform, system), e.g. Federation of Hong Kong Chiu Chow Association (潮总会), asean2u Eco System Platform (Malaysia) (to include B2B, B2C eCommerce).  Can download from App Store, Google Play.
  3. Provide IT assistance to all industries / associations to include Membership / Event Management Eco System, Big Data, AI, New Retail (OXO), Precise Marketing, Social Network Promotion.   
  4. Help SME to uplift to IT 4.0.  Collaborate with the Industry Dragon Head to build Eco System Platform for the specific industry. 
  5. Welcome collaboration, using the latest technologies with high Value-Price ratio to increase Sales and uplift Customer Service !!!

www.paravers.com ,  Cell phone / WeChat / WhatsApp : +852-94091344