Traditional wisdom tells us that the stock market is predicting the economy, In the COVID-19, all industries are affected, unemployment is serious but the stock market rises sharply, and the real estate market is not bad. People who own assets are rich, and the gap between rich and poor is greater. People who own assets do not need to work hard to get rich. Is the power of quantitative easing so great? What social problems have arisen? Let's discuss it together!    

Guest of Sharing: Mr. Michael M.S. WONG

President of the Association of Registered Financial Planners

Mr. Wong specializes in investment in Hong Kong and global stock markets, asset management and fund strategy analysis. He has been engaged in the financial industry for more than 19 years. He has worked in banks, securities firms and investment advisory agencies, mainly engaged in investment management and research. He also writes for local newspaper columns. He also published financial market reviews in various electronic media. Mr. Wong graduated with a Master of Science in Finance from City University of Hong Kong and is currently a director and chief investment director of PC Securities Financial Group.