The essence of Chinese culture is "Humanology." The thousands of years of Chinese history have collected in countless management cases and resulted in much valuable cultural heritage. Although the situation has been different since ancient times, human nature has not changed. The purpose of management is to effectively achieve the established goals through the crowd, combined with resources and strategies. Especially in the business world, we are facing fierce competition. How to create a harmonious enterprise and enhance competitiveness is the primary task of every company. If there is no harmony, fighting, civil strife, and then collapse will happen. That is the same in society. Professor Pang has rich experience in the business world and has outstanding achievements. After retirement, he specializes in Chinese culture and management. This lecture will share the wisdom of Chinese culture management from the perspective of the Yijing and Confucianism.

Speaker: Professor Pang Hung Kei
Doctor of Management, Renmin University of China, Master of Business Administration of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Science of the University of Hong Kong, Dean of Chinese Wisdom Management Institute, Founding President of China Wisdom Management Society, Associate Professor of Business School of Hong Kong Baptist University, Advisor of Hong Kong Taoist Association, Coach of Hong Kong Police China National Art Association, media and columnist. Former Hong Kong Government Central Policy Team, President and Academician of the Hong Kong Institute of Marketing. Mr. Pang was one of the pioneers of Chinese trade in Hong Kong. He had been in charge of many well-known Chinese and foreign companies in different industries. In the 1990s, he independently expanded the Chinese mainland market and established a national network to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Hong Kong and China. In recent years, he has devoted himself to studying Chinese culture, music and martial arts, Qigong and Taoist health, and is committed to combining Chinese and Western wisdom in modern management to create "six wisdom management". Authors include "於無聲處", "遵道而行", "靜待黎明", "智慧的追尋", etc.